We use the safest, most user friendly, environmentally friendly, low allergenic and effective products that we can find available on the market

Why? Because we are concerned about you, your family, & your pets; Your health & ours. As we work with the products on an everyday basis, our health is a major concern and so in our efforts to ensure that we use the safest products and systems available, for our own health reasons; Your health is also covered by our diligent concern and effort to keep SAFE & SURE about our own health…..

We exceed our customers’ expectations; we care about you, your pets and the environment. All treatments last up to 12 months. All products are very effective and are backed by our (free return visit, guaranteed) warranties.

  • Treatment for Cockroaches

    Includes : Internal and external spraying of house and garden; All edges and skirting are sprayed inside, and fences, garages, sheds, garden and perimeter of house outside, with a birefringent based product.
    The roof cavity and sub-floor are dusted with a permethrin powder based insecticide.
    If the sub-floor is open it is sprayed.

    Cockroach bait, which is a small amount of inconspicuous gel, is placed on hinges of kitchen cupboards, and under kettles and toasters.

    Dusting of electrics such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, also cracks and crevices; with a permethrin powder based insecticide.

    6 month warranty for common cockroaches and a 3 month warranty for German cockroaches.

  • Treatment for Ants

    Includes : External spraying of house 1 metre up external walls and out 1 metre on paths or lawns and any nests are also sprayed, with a birefringent based product.

    Ant bait stations are placed on window sills or where ever ants are entering the house. These are filled with an insecticide that the ants are attracted to.

    We also dust crevices, sub-floors and wall cavities where ants are frequenting.

    Ant bait, which is a small amount of inconspicuous gel, is placed along ant trails.

    3 month warranty.

  • Treatment for Spiders

    Includes : External spraying of all webs and spiders on house, eaves, fascias, gutters, under window sills, fences, garages, sheds and garden. Inside we spray spiders and webs with a professional aerosol product.

    3 month warranty.

  • Treatment for Fleas

    Includes : Internal spraying of all floor area, carpets and floor coverings with a Deltamethrin based insecticide. External spraying of all grass areas frequented by pets and any bedding belonging to pets with a birefringent based insecticide.
    3 month warranty.

  • Treatment for Rats & Mice

    Includes placing bait stations in strategic places throughout the house. Focusing on entry points, roof cavity and kitchen, using a wax coated block that dehydrates the rodents ensuring they go outside for a drink, then die never to return.(to die).? We can also supply outdoor bait stations for $25 each.

Preventative and control measures for termites

  • Timber Pest/Termite Inspections

    Early detection is always the best prevention of further or severe damage to timbers.
    Include thorough examination of all internal and external timbers of house, timbers in roof cavity and sub floor. Inspection of internal walls with a moisture meter looking for any high moisture meter readings, which may indicate nests or moist areas which are conducive to termites. Examination of external of house includes all external timbers, landscaping, gardens, trees, sheds and garages. We then provide you with a full written report and any suggestions of modifications that need to be made to the environment that are conducive to termites, or any building deficiencies that need to be modified.

  • Treatment for the eradication of Termites

    Includes dusting of nests and tubes (tracks) and timbers that are being attacked with a termiticide powder, that the termites take back to the nest to eradicate the entire colony. Also includes free return visits and treatments until all visible signs of active termites are gone and we are sure that it is safe to leave it for a return inspection in six months.

  • Soil Barriers

    These are barriers which are created by digging a trench around a building or structure, 150mm deep x 150mm wide. The soil is then replaced and treated with an approved termiticide.

    Where there are such obstructions as driveways and concrete paths, they need to be drilled every 200mm or 300mm. The holes are then injected with the termiticide until it bubbles up and appears at the next hole, to ensure a complete and continuous barrier has been achieved.

    Soil Barrier treatments are effective at deterring concealed entry into a building or structure by subterranean termites for a minimum of five years. A minimum of two years for Mastotermes darwiniensis.

  • Termite Baiting Monitoring stations

    In-ground monitoring stations are strategically placed at important points around a building,either in the soil, under pavement or through concrete. Used when no active live termites have been located. The stations are then inspected on a regular two to three month basis. If or when live termites have been sighted the bait is then added.